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 Our focus in Room 6 has been to boost the depth of the ideas in our writing and making it interesting for the reader. We have been experimenting with different vocabulary, changing our sentence types and elaborating key ideas.

Here's some of our attempts and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed creating them :-)


100 Word Challenge - "but I didn't understand the instructions"

The River by Jasper


I woke up thinking I’m in a forest simulator but I didn’t understand the instructions. So I was going crazy but then I got ahold of myself and I realised that I was in the wild "I’m going to have to know how to survive” I yelled. "I will need to find food first if I want to stay alive" I needed to build a shelter, then I heard the sound of the river so I marked where it is. I pulled my top off and launched into the rushing waters.



Pingpong by Molly

One day I was at my dads house waiting to see what my last present was for my birthday. My dad finally gave me it and I tore the box to bits. I finally reached it and it was the thing that I needed to complete my set of ping pong gear. Its a ping pong net. I raced from one end of the table to the other hooking the net to the table.It zoomed back together. I looked at the box but i didn't understand the instructions. I did the same thing again and it went together again! So I just gave up. 


Stories about our favourite outdoor place

 Lake Rotorangi by Nathan

There's a nice summer breeze blowing through my hair. Tui play a nice soft jazz song and the sky is shiny like nice yellow. To my right is my family the Baylis' and to my left there's a nice view of grass that flows across the land. Up on the hill I really can't say anything about it except it has shiny toilets and nice cut up hedges that don't give you prickles. It's got a nice open space where people could play sports. There's one problem we can't play sports because it is actually a camping ground. Finally we get to the last part. The water is like a mirror until a boat comes and rips it to bits. When you jump into the water it feels nice and warm like a fur coat and my eyes shine whenever I go to Rotorangilake. It makes me feel proud of Mother Nature.


Nana's House by Maia

As you begin to walk into my nanas house all you can hear are the birds squawking for food on the lush green grass. As you walk around the corner of the house there is a stone pool with water that glistens when the sun hits down from the sky. The pool is made from the finest stone so that when you sit in it, it feels extremely nice. There is a walkway down to where all of our native birds are. There are pukekos, fantails, kakapo and much more. As the tui play their songs you carry on walking down the walkway. We listen very carefully to the tui songs. When you get closer to the end you see a beautiful garden with roses, daisy's and sunflowers. (This isn't my nanas garden) Sometimes we have picnics there, sometimes we play cricket. On windy days the wind laps over my face and my hair blows at the back of me. I love my nanas garden.


The Beach by Victoria


I walk down the hill and my feet start to glisten. The waves groan and rustle as if they were bears. When I get on the wet sand it suctions to my soft smooth feet. The baby blue and the pearly white cotton candy clouds make faces at me. The sun makes me flex and bend like I'm an acrobat. I climb the jumbo rocks cause then I can get closer to the water without getting wet. My eyes light up while the cliffs crumble and I feel the breeze lifting sand on my face. It's hurtful. The bark of the dogs is soo loud. The surfers try to be like dolphins as they swim their way around, flushing the water. When I dive in the waves swirl around me and I feel like a penguin. I get out and enjoy pizza with my dad like always.



 Do you hear the sun shining

Do you hear your eyes blinking,

Do you hear your arms moving,

Do you hear the stars rising,

Do you hear the grass growing,

Do you hear your heart beating,

Do you hear the sun setting,

Do you hear your brain thinking,

 NO, because these are the sounds of silence...

By Kyarna 


Do you hear your heart beating,

Do you hear steam evaporating,

Do you hear yourself growing taller,

Do you hear the sun rising,

Do you hear nails growing,

Do you hear the moon glowing,

Do you hear a disaster growing,

NO, because these are the sounds of silence...

By Cooper 


Do you hear the grass growing,

Do you hear blood flowing through your veins,

Do you hear the clouds moving,

Do you hear your heart beating,

Do you hear plants growing,

Do you hear the sun shining on your face,

NO, because these are the sounds of silence...

By Maia 




Mt Taranaki

Capped in fluffy, cotton clouds

Generating love

By Tiama 


Mt Taranaki

Sun shines on green grass

Cold up in the snow

By Levi 


Mt Taranaki

Cows eat luscious, long green grass

Trees help us breathe air

By Kyin 


Mt Taranaki

Lush green grass blows in the wind

A silent mountain

By Koby-Tre 


Mt Taranaki

Glistening dew shines brightly

Icicles sparkle

By Teale