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 Around The World

This term we have been learning about different cultures and countries around the world. In room 2 we were very interested in learning about China, Australia, India and England.

Here are some of the things we learned...


I learnt about Chinese New Year. they celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days. they put red and gold decorations up for good luck. They have a big festival. They make food for friends and family. They put lanterns up on the last day of the Chinese New Year and they make dumplings.

Kobe Yr 3

I learnt that the Queen lives in London and she has many jobs and many homes. Some favourite foods in England are fish and chips and mashed potatoes and gravy. In England there is the tower of London and double-decker buses and Big Ben. The police in England are called 'Bobbies'. 

Kaia Yr 2

I learnt about the Chinese New Year. Their lucky colours are red and gold for the Dragon Festival and Lantern Festival. New Year is about food.

Kayliss Yr 3 

I learnt that Diwali is when some people celebrate. They do dances at the end of Diwali.

Emma Yr 3 

I learnt that the Queen has a crown. The queen has been a queen for 60 years. She has a castle.

Ethan Yr 2 

I learnt that the Queen lives in England. She has two birthdays. She is 92 years old. The Queen has a golden crown. The Queen's name is Elizabeth the second. She has been the queen for over 60 years. The Queen lives in a palace.

Olivia Yr 3 

I learnt that the Queen is 92 years old and she has a cool crown. She has been a queen for 60 years. Her crown is yellow and red. The Queen lives in England. She has lived over 90 years.

Millah Yr 3