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Room 2 Class Newsletter    

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Hi everyone, kia ora koutou!

Welcome back to Term 4! I hope you all had a good break and were able to enjoy some quality family time together. I was busy during the holidays getting myself organised for my wonderful Room 2 students. As you are all aware I will be with the class for the remainder of the year and Mrs Gous will continue to come in every Friday. We are also supported by Mrs Brogden this term.

It has been a challenging year for you all with so many changes happening and we really appreciate how understanding you have been with the situation.  However, I am determined that we make the most of our next 9 weeks together and I look forward to getting on with the teaching and learning program. Term 4 is always a busy time with school athletics, the Life Education truck visit, our Art Exhibit and Family Fun Day, and of course the much anticipated end of year concert and prizegiving!  

Learning Programme

We will continue to focus on the core learning areas of reading, writing and maths in the mornings. Our session times have been changed slightly this term and we now have 2 hours of instruction before morning tea and 90 minutes of instruction before lunch, leaving 75 minutes in the afternoons.  Mrs Dravitzki and I will continue to split our children for reading instruction between the 2 classes so we are better able to cater for all learners needs. Children will continue to bring home a reading book every day so please keep encouraging them to practise, practise, practise reading as much as possible!  We only get better at reading by doing it regularly and often. Remember that reading time at home should be relaxed, calm and enjoyable.  The books your child brings home will either be familiar texts that they will have very few problems with when re-reading it, or high interest books that they can skim through, "read” the pictures and discuss their wonderings with you. It would be great if you could support them to read the text in these types of books if they are keen to have a go!

In our writing time this term, the students will be writing information texts to support and demonstrate their learning about different cultures, people and places around the world.  We will be learning:

  • about the different text types we can use to inform, compare and contrast, describe or explain something to a reader

  • the different purposes for writing information texts

  • how we can present and distribute our texts for others to read

We hope to be able to share lots of our writing with you on Seesaw so if you aren’t already signed up please let me know and I will help get you connected!

Mrs Gous and Mrs Brogden will continue to manage a spelling programme this term so please encourage your child to work with these words at home. They could use them in a sentence, make a word find, make a crossword, create a spelling scribble, etc.

In maths we will be spending the first part of the term developing our number knowledge, and learning and practising number strategies using  MONEY as our real-life context. Mrs Gous will be running a Friday maths focus on FRACTIONS. We will also be developing our understanding of number patterns and relationships (algebra) later in the term.


Our whole school inquiry is based on learning about other people, cultures and countries from all around the world .

The key understandings we want the children to gain are:

  • people in many other countries around the world live very different lives to us here in New Zealand.

  • how others’ lives are different to ours

  • how belonging to groups is important for people

  • how cultural practices reflect and express people’s customs, traditions, and values.

  • how places influence people and people influence places.

‘Around the World’ will also be the theme of our end of year concert so get ready for an international extravaganza!!


In week 3 we will be visiting Harold in the Life Education truck.  Our sessions are linked to our inquiry, looking at how we are all different and unique.  Our sessions are Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th at 9.15am. If you are interested there is a parent information session on Wednesday after school.


Athletics is our main focus for PE this term.  We will be working on learning the correct techniques for shot put, sprints, long jump and high jump, leading up to our school athletics day in Week 5.  We will also be learning some games from other countries based on our inquiry that are different to the games we play.

This term we welcome Mr Cameron Jones to our staff. Mr Jones will be spending some time with us in Room 2 from time to time so if you get a chance please introduce yourself to him.


Children must wear a hat this term please. The green uniform bucket hat is available at The Warehouse.

School Newsletter

Please keep an eye out for the school newsletter each fortnight.  All important events, dates and other information is listed here. Our FAMILY FUN DAY is coming up next week so be sure to read all about this in this week’s newsletter.

I look forward to a great term!

Kind regards,

Jude Sklenars