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Gold for Mahe Drysdale


Mahe is in the finals and he's racing for gold.

Mahe starts rowing. Everyone cheers him on, screaming and yelling, going "Go Mahe, you'll  do it!"

He's at the back but he speeds up. Now he's coming second. He does big strokes and finally he does little strokes.

Does he do it? Yes! Mahe Drysdale wins  by just 3cms. Mahe wins gold!        

by Molly 


Mahe is rowing for gold. Mahe, is he going to do it? Yes! He is!

Everybody was loud and cheering excitedly. He was going fast to win! It  was so close, there was a photo finish. He won! His boat was number 4. He's won the finals. He's finished.

He got gold! It was incredible.

He is good to get gold because gold is special.

by Autumn 


Mahe is outstanding. He's the number 1 champion in the Olympic games.

He's got arms like thunder and lightning smashed together.

Mahe's strokes are little to keep him in the lead.

Oh no! Someone is catching up in Rio. He's just in front of Mahe. But...

...Mahe rows like crazy, faster and faster.

Mahe wins! He gets another gold medal and the crowd is cheering.

By Rashaad