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Mrs Dravitzki organised a super surprise for the school. We were all very amazed and impressed by Dave Hunger's spider bike. Some of us were even lucky enough to have a turn on it. We watched the clip about Mr Hunger on the "Stuff" website and then completed our writing as a reporter.

Dave Hunger is a Stratford farmer. He got some plywood and 6 roller blade wheels and started building. It's got 8 legs and a long smooth seat. It's got a triple spiral. The movement was smooth on concrete. David Hunger has made other bikes as well. The spider bike can moon walk. I got a turn on the spider bike.    Ranginui


Dave Hunger, a farmer from Stratford, built a spider bike. He made it out of plywood. The plywood is very thin so he could cut the spiral in a bent shape. It doesn't bounce. It has roller blades on the small legs and one big wheel. It has a double spiral. The plywood is smooth. You have to ride it on smooth concrete. When you push the pedals, the gears start to move and it turns around the bike chain. The chain goes around a pole and moves the little legs. When Dave came to Normanby School he showed us all his bikes. We got to have a ride on the spider bike and it was scary.  Maia