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Runaway Robot Rampage

Hemi hated mowing the lawns so he invented a robot to do his chores...


Hemi falls asleep…

and when he wakes up he looks at the town and sees the houses are

broken to pieces. He turns it off. He got in trouble with Dad and he

 got sent to his room and got angry.      by Haylen


Hemi falls asleep…

Then his robot ran away to cut other people’s grass. Hemi woke up

because he could hear people screaming and he screamed. He ran as fast

as he could go and his robot was going nuts.  by Raymond


Captain Taniwha 

Captain Taniwha's rocket ship was on a high speed collision course with Earth...


As the spaceship burns through the ocean, he can see a great big

mako shark charging like a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Captain

Taniwha realizes that the mako shark was chasing after him so he pulled

the lever of the seat. As fast as the mako shark could chase him, he

pulled the lever then flew into the air. He landed on the mako shark. He

pulled his rope out and put it in the great mako shark’s mouth and he was

the great big boss of the great big mako shark.       by Zion



The spaceship crashed into the water with a splash. Captain

Taniwha sees a mako shark. Captain Taniwha is scared.

He hopped out of the spaceship and then the shark raced for

Captain Taniwha and said "Hello.” Captain Taniwha pushed a red

button that turned the spaceship into a submarine.

What happens next?...           by Riley


Tackling a pterodactyl

The giant zombie pterodactyl was sitting on the goal posts and wouldn't come down... It's the most important game of the season tomorrow. What can Rangi and his friends do?

"Come and play in our game tomorrow,” said Rangi.

"No thank you, I do not know how to play rugby,” said the pterodactyl.

"We will train you,” said Rangi.

 When the pterodactyl has the ball he flies over everybody and he scores

a try. Everyone on the red team got really happy at him. He felt happy.  

by Nathan


"Hey, are you friendly? Do you mind coming to the big game?” said Rangi.

"We could use a help. You can be in the second half. You can be our

secret weapon. Hey, you’re on. It’s time to shine.”

He took the ball and he’s off going to the try line. But he went back on

the goal post. They tried,tried, but they could not get him to come off

because he’s unstoppable.

"What can we do? Broccoli!” said Rangi.

 They threw the broccoli. He dropped the ball. Rangi caught the ball and

scored! "We tricked you, we win.”                  by Chevelle