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 Welcome to our Nikau classroom, Room 6!

My name is Miss Sklenars and this is my 13th year of teaching at Normanby School. I have taught in the NE-Year 2 age group for many years now and look forward to the enjoyment of teaching our young learners this year.


I also look forward to working with you - our parents and caregivers. You are always welcome in our classroom and I will enjoy getting to know you better throughout the year.

Our class is a Year 1-2 combined class currently with 18 children. This year we are part of the Matariki Hub which includes children from Year 0-4. 

Matariki Hub 
Manuka Room 5 - Miss McCormick (soon to-be, Boyd)  Year 0-1
Nikau Room 6 - Miss Sklenars  Year 1-2
NB. Our Manuka class and Nikau class are collaborative and together we are Ngahere. We are excited to the modifications taking place later in the year that will open our spaces up to allow for great teaching and learning in a play-based environment. 
Matai Room 7 - Miss Cowper Year 2-3
Karaka Room 8 - Whaea Kat Jones Year 3-4 


Our class will be working collaboratively with the children in the Manuka classroom and together we are known as Ngahere (the forest). We also have two other teachers who work in our learning space, Mr Cameron Jones who will be in Nikau every Thursday, and Mrs Amber Long who will be in Manuka every Friday. Mrs Jill Matthews and Mrs Karen Brogden are our wonderful Learning Assistants this term.

We are a play-based learning environment where much of our day is spent teaching and learning through play. We focus on developing and extending the Key Competencies, teaching positive social skills, encouraging creativity, teaching essential curriculum areas, our school vlaues, problem-solving, co-operation and many other important skills and understandings that will support your child to become a...confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learner.

You can read more about our teaching and learning programme on our Play-Based Learning page.


Our class blog is linked to our website. Please visit this page to keep up to date with our learning journey!