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2D or 3D?

Part of our introduction into 3D shapes was a 3D face challenge. We combined geometry, technology and art to create abstract faces from scraps of cardboard. We layered our face parts to add depth and detail and we finished with paint.

Little gardens

We are trying out our green thumbs! We will update our progress here.

Room 6 pirates!

Some of our learning this term has had a pirate theme.  For this part of our learning we needed to make pirate hats that had guided measurements for the width and height of the sides. They were individualised by our personal choice of how to shape the top.  We also wrote what we would do if we were pirates for one day. Some of us would be tough pirates, some would be nice pirates, and some of us would be great treasure hunters.

"If I was a fierce pirate for a day I would do weights and push ups  so I could get really strong. I would make my own creative sword and ship. My ship would be black and blue. To sharpen my sword I would grab two rocks, one would be to sharpen my sword and one would be for my wooden catapult. I would destroy other ships."

"If I was a pirate for a day I would fire cannonballs at the crocodiles. My name would be Captain Sophie." I would go fishing, get a crew and hunt for sharks. I would eat them raw. I would have diamond boots. I would tell people to walk the plank if they tried to run away."

"If I was a pirate for the day my name would be Captain Ryleigh. I would go on my sail boat and search for my own treasure. I would grab my crew and scare little kids to their Mums. I would make them cry very badly."

"If I was a pirate for a day I would be the captain so I could tell all the pirates what to do.  I would love being the captain because I would have a telescope. I can be mean to all the other pirates because they might steal my treasure. I would wear a pirate hat and an eye patch. "

"If I was a pirate for a day I would be called Captain Diamond". I would only be a pirate if I knew there was a pirate school. I would go on a pirate ship. I would find treasure. I am a good and nice pirate. It would be fun to be a pirate for a day!"

"If I was a pirate for a day I would get all the money in the world! I would sail my pirate ship. I would dig for treasure."

"If I was a pirate for a day I would make people walk the plank. I would jump on to other ships and steal all their money. My name would be Captain Gut. I would have a parrot."

"If I was a pirate for a day I would have a cool pirate ship with a mean as crew. I would sail the seven seas. I would destroy other pirate ships with my crew. My crew and I would also steal gold."

Boom Whackers in assembly

Whether you missed it or just want to see it again, here are the room 6 superstars taking up the challenge of rhythm and beat with the boom whackers. This was a practice before the big event!  We are all pretty nervous!!!

Taking on the mat challenge

One of the first challenges we faced was to think about how we can work together as a team. Here we are working on getting the whole class from end of the court to the other without touching the ground. Great problem solving and teamwork!

We had to work out how many of us could stand on each mat at once...

The mats were a bit awkward so sometimes the person at the front got it a bit crooked and it was very hard to get them back ...

Sometimes we just had them going in all different directions...

But we made it in the end. Check out that team work!