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How tall is a metre. This is what Koby-Tre and Teale thought.

Using a metre ruler to check our estimations. It was a bit of a surprise to find out that our own heights meant that a metre height was at different places on our bodies.

We worked together to design Captain Blood's pirate sip. The measurements were:
deck length 10 metres
mid mast 5 metres
fore and aft masts 4 metres each
plank 1metre.
We ALL fit on the deck, with room to spare! Ten metres is long!

A bunch of scurvy pirates ready to attack...wearing their hats that they measured and made themselves.

Pirate Thomas
saluting the fierce captain van Rooyen.

Pirate Aaron ready to walk the plank.

Pirate Deanna, holding onto her pirate hat in the terrible Normanby wind.