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Today Room 1 built a structure as part of the marshmallow and spaghetti challenge.

In Room 1 it was all the girls and in Room 4 just the boys.

My group built a tall tower and it was cool. First we got the equipment, twenty spaghetti, one meter of string and one meter of masking tape. 

Each group had 18 minutes to build their structure. First Akaysha, Marnie and I built a square base and built five pastas high, then stuck the marshmallow on. 

In the end we had no time left, but we cheated because we were almost done. Unfortunately it still didn't work because it would not stand up.

Fortunately the challenge is all about team work and that is what matters to me. It was hard and fun, but it's about practice and team work not winning or losing. It was about having fun and learning.



April 2016.