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Water Safety

On Tuesday at 9am Room 1 went to the school pool to learn about water safety and that we always need a life jacket.

A life jacket is important because if you don’t have one they you can’t survive a situation that you can’t swim out of.

The first thing Room 1 had to do at the pools was to put on a life jacket and check it was the right size. But even a life jacket that doesn’t fit is better than no life jacket at all.

After we put on our life jackets we all lined up and jumped into the pool one at a time. I said to myself, in my head, I don’t like this, no I loved this. I was so happy because it was my first time wearing a life jacket.

Next we learnt how to float on our backs, how to scull out of a rip and how to get to safety on the beach.

After this we learnt if there is a group or another person, they can huddle. This keeps everyone warmer.

Lastly we had to try and float without a life jacket, so we could feel the difference. A life jacket definitely felt a lot safer.



March 2016