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Hi everyone and welcome to Room 2.

We have had great start to term three.  


 are learning to skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. We are focusing on getting faster at our basic facts to 10 and teen facts. These facts will help us to solve addition and subtraction problems faster.   We are also learning strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.


We have carried on the  daily 5 program. The children all practice reading to self, reading to someone, listening to reading and word work. We have started our mixed reading groups with Room 3 which we can already see great improvement. 


We are focusing on cross country as a whole school. The circuit training went well with the children engaged and enjoying the different rotations that they participated in, The children have been doing so well with running the cross country track every Monday and Wednesday afternoon getting ready for cross country. 


We have already had a very busy term with different inquiry topics. We started the term off with Keeping ourselves safe. Harold the Giraffe taught us about dWe havog safety and the nine rules we can follow to help us be safe around dogs. We have showed our learning about the rules through the actions and phrased to help us remember them. 

We moved onto road safety and learnt how to cross the road safely. It is an  important skill to be able to cross the road safely and to know when it is safe to cross to keep ourselves safe. We the name of the different areas of the road, for example, curb, center line, footpath. We also looked at the different types of traffic that we see travelling on the road.

To finish off the term we have started Cookie Collisions. The is all about being technologists, going through a process to design and make our own collision cookie.  


We have started swimming at the Hawera pools which the children all enjoy and talk often about what they are learning in the pool. It is a great opportunity for the children to learn swimming skills as it is an important skill to learn to help us keep ourselves safe in the water.