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Kia ora, and welcome back to school.

My name is Miss Cowper (Morgan) and this is my very first year of teaching and I am so very lucky and excited to be here at Normanby School.

This year we will be having Mr Jones (Cameron) one day a week. Most weeks this will fall on a Wednesday unless other events take place.

Our class is a year 2-3 combined class with 21 students. This year we are part of the Matariki Hub which includes four different classes ranging from years 0-4.

Being a part of the Matariki Hub means we are in a play-based learning environment. We will focus on developing the key competencies, positive social skills, and encouraging creativity through student choice. We will be teaching essential learning areas, our school values and many other important skills that will support your children in becoming life-long learners.


Seesaw is a great way to see your child’s learning stories and also our class learning journal. This app allows you to view what your child is doing in school and is a great way to communicate to me if you wish to. If you do not have a device to join, you are more than welcome to come into class and view Seesaw through one of the class ipads.


Click here to see our class blog

Home learning

Your child should be bringing a book bag to and from school every day. This will contain information about the expectations of home learning.

The goal is for you and your child to enjoy reading together every day, take some time to look through the book, look at the pictures and make connections between the text and their lives. I will also encourage the children to practice other work at home such as basic facts, sight words, spelling etc.

Other important notices

Library day- Tuesday

     Children can borrow 2 books from our school library at a time. These are for reading together at home over the weekend. Enjoy! Our school library is also available for you to share books with your preschoolers from 2:30pm every day while you wait to collect your child.

Hats and Water Bottles

During Terms 1 and 4 the wearing of our school uniform green bucket hat is compulsory. When children do not have a hat to wear they have to stay under a shaded part of the school and do not get to play freely in the playground. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for remembering their hat. Your child will also need to have a named water bottle at school every day please. Learning is thirsty work!

 Uniform and Play

We do try to provide students with aprons to protect their school uniform but we love playing with water, sand, mud, paint and puddles so it’s always a good idea to pop a spare change of clothes in your child’s school bag! (There are many good quality 2nd hand uniform items at very reasonable prices available from the school office).

I am excited for the year ahead with all your children!


Morgan Cowper