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Teddy Town
For Maths week we investigated the problem of building a Teddy Town that kept getting bigger and bigger. We started off with just two different colour teddies and  houses and had to arrange them on a town plan so that no streets had the same colour combinations in them. We solved the 3x3 problem quite easily but found the 4x4 very hard. We managed to find several solutions to the problem of five different colour teddies and five different colour houses but the 6x6 can't be done!
Shia and Taene are working on solving the 4x4 Teddy Town problem.
 Chaym and Ryan, from Room 4, helped us make a town plan.
 Here is one solution for the 5x5 problem.
 Can you find some patterns in the way the houses are arranged?
On Monday we opened the Stage 1 envelop. We had to make a town for yellow and red teddies. Every day more teddies kept coming. Teddy town is getting bigger and bigger. We had yellow, red, blue and green teddies. Mrs Jefferies said that we can buy some purple teddies so we had 25 teddies and 25 houses. Do not put the teddies on the same colour house. You have to do them all different to the others.
by Ryleigh